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Last month, Lonely Child (born Bryan Ray) delivered an outstanding emotional ballad that we covered called “Blunt Kist.” Residing in Austin, TX, Ray is gradually garnering more attention towards his soundscape as he continues to musically progress. The future pop multi-instrumentalist, producer, and vocalist is able to kinder such sweet moods within his emotionally saturated melodies.

This week, Lonely Child gave us a peak into his electro-soul world with his remix of Mobley’s “Swoon.” He redesigned the original into an eclectic anthem fueled with desire. Ray slowly plucks his guitar atop layers of synths and filtered vocals. The remix holds a cinematic harmony within its four minutes. I can almost picture a love scene playing out as I listen to this track over and over again. Lonely Child uses his artistry to allow every exquisite detail to stand out.

Ray offered up some insight about this track, “Mobley asked me to remix a track for his ACL Fest performance and I chose ‘Swoon.’ I co-produced the original, too, so it was super fun to totally reimagine it, I pretty much scrapped all the original sounds or destroyed them except the vocals, changed it from 4/4 to 6/8; pretty much made a new song out of it. But the source material is so fucking strong. The original has over 1.3 million Spotify streams so I felt like the only way to do such a great song justice as a remix was to completely reimagine it as something else. I did two other versions before I settled on the 6/8 one. It was the only way to get the original totally out of my head.”

Give Lonely Child’s remix of “Swoon” a listen below.