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HW&W’s Mike Gao links up with Alexander Lewis and Chase Moore for “Comet”, a collaborative effort teeming with supernatural synths and hypnotic percussion.

Mike Gao is one of those superproducers that is slowly but surely coming to the forefront. Atop releases with aforementioned HW&W (HuhWhat&Where) and Alpha Pup, Gao’s also a tech specialist. He’s developed his own iPhone app, worked with Native Instruments and WIRED, and held down a residency at STEIM in Amsterdam. The big, booming percussion you hear in Mike Gao’s work, including “Comet”, is bold yet crisp and clean—clear evidence of his mastery in both music and technology. Collaborators Alexander Lewis, who’s known for his evocative and melodic sound, and hip-hop producer Chase Moore lend their respective talents to the tune for a heavy, insightful heater. Of “Comet”, Mike Gao writes, “Chase was childhood homies with Alexander Lewis from Sac. Me and Chase had this basic beat going and sent it to AL to take it to the next level. Then after a couple back and forths this was done.”

Check it out and listen to Mike Gao on Soundcloud.

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