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Upon a first listen of the new Kill The Noise and Mija joint “Salvation,” I honestly couldn’t believe the two of them made this, just because it sounds so drastically different from their respective styles, at least historically. There’s a dark and sinister edge to the production in true KTN fashion, but there’s a supernatural levity to the song itself as carried by Mija’s airy, haunting vocals. A throbbing, progressive bassline carries us through this delightfully lush and hyper-cinematic track, building and holding tension with such fervor it felt like it was made for a film or video game, a theory later confirmed by Mija and KTN.

“Jake (KTN) hit me up one day asking if I wanted to track some vocals over a song he was working on for movie soundtrack,” Mija explained. “I’d never done anything like that before, so it felt like an exciting new challenge. I wrote/sang the verse, added some vocal effects, and sent it back to him. We ended up loving it so much that we felt it needed a proper release.”

Kill The Noise further elaborated on the experimental nature of their first release together: “I had a lot of fun working on this song with her. I’ve wanted to work with Mija for a long time, and I feel like it was a situation where ideal circumstances and perfect timing came together. It was a cool challenge for both of us. It was certainly a nice surprise to experiment, and then all the sudden end up with a finished song that we both were really happy with. I wish that happened all the time.” Lucky for us, it happened this time and we’re so grateful. Get yourself a healthy dose of “Salvation” below and imagine what an epic monster this is going to be going off at festivals this summer.