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Mija tapped her favorite collaborator Ryan Forever to produce two delicious new goodies in the form of a juicy remix and a classic, androgynous turtleneck. Ryan’s so-called “Squeeze” remix of “Dead Flowers & Cigarettes” is techy and buoyant, bubbling up from the dark recesses of its origins into wild, hypnotic reverie driven by a protracted, tribal beat.

As for the turtleneck, modeled above by its designer who is also Ryan Forever, it’s a reflection of the idea of androgyny further refined by his interpretation. In a statement release with the garment he said, “Perhaps, [the] androgynous mind is resonant and porous; [it] transmits emotion without impediment; [it] is naturally creative, incandescent and undivided. It’s easy to get caught up in the word, the definitions, because it’s hard to quantify the human experience.  I thought it would be an interesting mashup to take the concept of androgyny, which I see as a colorful wave of possibilities, and put it as a label on a stark black turtleneck; the garment doesn’t speak for you, but your own personality has to fill in the void.”

As Amber AKA Mija further explained, “I’ve always said to people that I think my brain is half girl, half boy. I was a complete tomboy as a kid, until I discovered that I liked boys and quickly embraced my femininity. But even then, the boys I crushed on often looked/acted very feminine. I believe that everybody carries both male and female qualities within them, and that gender is not exclusive to our physical forms.” Check out the physical form of this elegantly simple statement piece below and cop it here.