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Mija is presently playing vinyl on tour, living the dream of a forgotten era of DJing where schlepping physical records all over the world was just part of the job, and it feels like her new Just Enough EP is a reflection of this shift. The two-track EP is avant-garde house at its finest, intersecting if only for a fleeting moment with many other genres including industrial electronica, electro, breaks, slowed-down moombahton, tech-house, and more. Mija, the artist known for saying “FK A Genre,” whose bio previously read, “Shredding a tidal wave of whiskey on a surfboard made out of don’t care,” tends to do whatever the hell she wants. That’s when she’s at her best, so of course, she’s making the return to her underground house roots in her own way.

She packs a lot into two tracks — the opener “Dead Flowers” starts off with an eerie wave of synths that give way to a thumping groove, bolstering her spoken-word vocals about the transmutation of heartbreak. And of course, in true Mija fashion, it’s as weird as it gets without going over the edge of being relatable. The second cut, “Cure Myself,” is another spoken-word creeper sprinkled with energized breaks, with a more experimental progression than its predecessor and certainly a more emo vibe overall. Together they feel like two sides of the same vinyl, post-heartache coin Mija’s presently playing with, so without further adieu we leave you with the magic that is the Just Enough EP.