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Photo: Quasar Media

Last night, Mija wrapped up her Band Practice Tour at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles, bidding farewell to a challenging, experimental, and fulfilling endeavor. The tour featured Mija singing and performing songs from her two projects How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers and Just Enough with an assortment of live instruments and additional band members, including longtime collaborator Ryan Forever. Atmospheric and deeply emotional, Band Practice revealed what’s been hiding inside Mija’s creative soul all along. I personally felt connected to her in fleeting moments of intense introspection — she’s brave, bold, and a little playful throughout the performance, laughing off moments of error and gracefully rolling with the punches along with her bandmates.

Here’s hoping we get another tour like this one — Mija belongs on a moody stage with all the tools she needs at her disposal. Scope the gallery of her stop at The Echo in Los Angeles below courtesy of Quinn Tucker.