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In our new Mid Year Report series we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the acts who we believe represent the overall spirit and mentality of NEST. The ongoing feature will highlight the rise, influence, and forward movement of 10 of our favorite artists who are making a serious impact on the world of dance music in 2016.

Check below for our Mid Year Report on WAVEDASH.

There’s something really interesting about the low key high school rock star. The idea of going to a school you don’t like, surrounded by people you hardly talk to, and then later that night, tearing up a club in front of a sea of people twice your age while going b2b2b with some of your idols. This is a glimpse of the lives of teenage dubstep-making group, WAVEDASH: social outcasts by day, festival-headed power trio by night.

The three of them, Luke, Michael, and Gavin, met in seventh grade in Austin, Texas. I’m pretty sure they were introduced during an art class, but every time I reach out to ask about their origins they insist on telling me that they “met on tinder!!!!”

After class they’d trade favorites from Skrillex, Kill the Noise, Alvin Risk, and Porter — all the early OWSLA classics. They were the only kids at school who cared about electronic music; and the only ones trading Pokemon cards, or holding “bad movie” nights where the rules are that you have to turn off your phone and truly endure some of the worst films of all time.

Their after school hangs eventually led to production. First with mashups, then remix competitions, and later the launch of their WAVEDASH project which is named after a move in Super Smash Bros Melee, one of their favorite games to try to one up each other at.

Each member adds a different element to the trio. Luke is a hip hop-obsessed, nail polish-wearing, heart-on-sleeve extrovert with a background in club music. Gavin is a quieter synthesis and sound design expert who’s been making dubstep for years. And Michael is a loveable goof with a background in melodic trap under the alias, Stone.

Together they make music that sounds like it could soundtrack the final hours of the earth’s fiery decay. Their “Deep Down Low” remix yelps and screams alongside towering kicks and snares. Their “Crank It” rework paints a sonic war zone with toxic synth artillery. And both tracks, premiered through NEST HQ last year, seemed to scream, “THIS IS WAVEDASH!” to the world while turning heads along the way.

Toward the end of 2015, the trio actualized their middle school dreams and became OWSLA-released artists. Their “Bang” single, featured as part of the World Wide Broadcast compilation, received heavy support from Skrillex — both on stage and in multiple OWSLA radio episodes — as well as Kill the Noise, Ghastly, Zomboy, Snails, and more. The track also hit #1 on Beatport’s dubstep chart and stayed in the top ten months after.

This year we saw the trio obliterate a set during our NEST HQ SXSW showcase, we turned an amazing unreleased mix of theirs into a collaboration debut with digital artist Scott Pagano for our WAVEDASH Visual Mix, and we’ve seen their “Like That” single and “Off Leash” collaboration with fellow Texas based producer, QUEST, become some of the most sought after setlist weapons of the year via OWSLA Radio rips and Reddit-based track requests.

Luke, Michael, and Gavin have gone from waiting hours to be front row for some of their favorite artists to sharing the stage with them. Their drive to become the best in their field has made peers of their idols. Their latest show had them going b2b2b with Kill the Noise and Ghastly, and before that they’ve opened for Zomboy, Flux Pavilion, Adventure Club, and Yellow Claw. Now, with the three of them just having finished high school, there’s nothing stopping them fully digging into the project. Given what they’ve done up to this point, I think we’re about to see WAVEDASH fly.