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A hustler from the land down under, Australia’s own Mickey Kojak returns with another original single, “Get Out.” Following the well-received unveiling of his Daft Punk “Something About Us” cover, followed by a charming rendition of Mac Demarco’s Chamber of Reflection, Mickey Kojak found a home with the label/management group ALT:VISION, home to heavy hitters by the likes of Autograf, Medasin, and K?D. Circa March 2018, ALT:VISION partnered with Casablanca, the iconic ’70s dance music label that was recently relaunched by Republic. As the label continues to expand, doors to new horizons are opening at an exponential rate. 

Mickey Kojak’s “Get Out” is outlined by a palpable, digital framework. A distinct, piercing synth punctures the dreamy notes that float delicately in the background. The multi-instrumentalist boasts his own vocals in “Get Out,” carrying an AM radio resonance. Bubbly on the surface, yet brooding in its entirety, Mickey Kojak showcases his signature sound with this drop. Not to be defined by any one genre, Mickey Kojak is manifesting his own reality where he will never be put inside of a box. A wave is breaking, and he’s 10 steps ahead of the curve.

Listen to “Get Out” below.