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This week, we’re shining our spotlight on yet another brilliant, wholly unique artist who will be performing next week at FORM Arcosanti, the one and only Melanie Faye. The 21-year-old Nashville-heralding singer-songwriter, producer, and mesmerizing guitarist is a collaborative creature who got her first break after a video of her playing guitar went viral following a SZA retweet. Since then, she’s caught the ears and hearts of artists like Noname, Mac DeMarco, and Peter CottonTale to name a few, and is just this year starting to release her own solo material.

The first track we included on our playlist is that first solo release “Eternally 12,” and it’s a meandering, gentle R&B jam driven by Melanie’s voracious guitar stylings, produced by none other than Mac DeMarco. It’s a smooth introduction to Melanie’s modern blues sound, tinged with soulful and slightly psychedelic production flair that creates a perfect container to display her voice and story. There’s so much innocence in her voice as she expresses how no amount of good advice from her elders will ever spare her the inevitable effects of time, and yet she also manages to sound wise well beyond her years.

Our next pick is a lazy, beautiful lo-fi dream called “Clutch,” an old demo from 2016 she re-worked that was produced by Mayko. Melanie’s guitar chops are front-and-center in this wordless, elegantly simple yet extremely compelling tune that feels like we’re following her into a lush rainforest of sound and imagination. It leads us right into our next pick, which was produced by both Melanie and MacDemarco, by Boston-based singer-songwriter and rapper Aquagie called “SPIN.”

She also appeared on a stripped-down version of Peter CottonTale of Chance the Rapper‘s band The Social Experiment’s “Forever Always” with Rex Orange County, which we couldn’t resist throwing on this playlist. This good, ol’ fashioned love song makes me feel like Melanie’s guitar playing is plucking at my heartstrings. Finally, we included yet another collaborative joint, this time in the form of “SunshineBloom” produced by Dylansitts, also featuring Emmanutell. It’s a funky, midtempo lo-fi crooner with infectious, sing-songy verses backed by soulful background vocals and led by her warm electric guitar sound. She has a proper solo at the end that really brings this blissed-out song home — listen to the full playlist below for an instant mood-boost.