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Black Marble Records have brought a group of producers to remix Mel G‘s album The Light and have recontextualized it into a chimera of juke, footwork, trap, drum and bass, and house music. The entire record is shifted in focus to become dance-oriented and to inspire movement. What was reflective is now energetic; this EP is a powerhouse of dance music and features fresh talent.

Starting with the first remix of “The Light,” San Antonio producer FreshtillDef has transformed the song into a footwork scorcher with sections of isolated double kicks and detuned chants. Searing synths cut through the track as upward pads bring the feeling into a rave climax. Track two is another remix of “The Light” from Frenquency and caters towards the simpler side of 160 BPM. Bouncy and housey, the remix is made for the big room as stuttered vocals and crashing claps create a cascade of sound as rhythmic synths fade in and out. While track one was more powerful and symphonic, this remix is all about space by focusing on minimal sound design over repeating loops to craft droning textures.

The remix for collaborative track “Bounce” featuring Nikes from Lithuanian producer Deep Shoq is a trifecta of jungle, drum and bass, and footwork elements that coalesce into delicate beauty. This third track is harmonious yet compositionally simple. DnB breaks, somber piano melodies, and glitched-out cuts from Nike’s demanding “Let me see you bounce, jump / Let me see you dance, let me see you move” carry the track as mid-range synths roar with power.

Things take a turn for the loud with track four: “Whippit” featuring Hank has been warped into a dubstep smasher. Huge buzzsaw synth basslines and footwork reminiscent percussions create a juxtaposition between the slower music genres of grime and UK bass with the forward energy of 160 styles like Jersey club. This remix from Chicago resident Ray Rush is the point where the remix EP goes into mid-range bass territory with neck-breaking intensity. On a similar vibe, the fifth track is another trip into the fires of broken beat dance music. LA producer Cy Kosis has turned “The Light” into a West Coast-inspired trap anthem. Compressed kicks and sharp snares cut through the mix as cybernetic melodies propel the song into the future.

The last remix of “The Light” is from SoCal producer VNSSA and metamorphs the track into a huge house hybrid with fidget and acid characteristics. Bubbly melodies, moody pads, and sweeping waves all coalesce into steady beat harmony. Marrying the dark with the light, track six journeys into the deep, dark, and cavernous as melodies move downward into the depths of a bass house abyss. The final track of Mel G’s The Light Remix EP is a 135 BPM slowdown of the title song. Most elements remain the same, but the change in tempo brings new appreciation. It’s unclear what genres Mel G will explore next, but with Black Marble Records behind him, surely they will beckon the listener to sway, think and feel.

Listen to The Light‘s remix EP below.