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Happy Maxo day everyone! Today the Brooklyn musician releases his Chordslayer EP, and despite the fact that he’s previously released something like 20+ albums and EPs over the last decade, this one feels in some ways like his debut—the debut of the culmination of everything that makes up the Chordslayer persona.

Before we dig into the EP, let’s take a look at a few things he’s done up to this point: he released on PC Music (“Snow Other”, plus his collab with GFOTY) and played their Boiler Room show at this year’s SXSW, he’s been featured multiple times on Radio JACK댄스 and toured with the JACK댄스 live show, he’s released on Hemsworth’s Secret Songs via his Nice Feelings project (he’s also opened for Hemsworth; and Giraffage; and Anamanaguchi…), he made an entire body of work as part of a Limp Bizkit tribute mix for Logo Magazine, he’s played multiple SPF420 shows, he made a mix for The Fader and played The Fader Fort, and he collaborated with ABRSDT on one of the tracks from the NEST-released Love in the Making EP.

Now to the EP… HOLY SHIT THIS SITE IS DOPE! You can actually see the chords that are being slayed in real time as each song plays (side note: Maxo uses a lot of “sus” chords, smh). If you were trying to explain Maxo’s music to a friend, this site and this EP would be the way to do it. They both fully capture his vibrant and free formed musical universe, complete with signature scattershot jazz pop, some vocaloid leads, mario kart finish line synth whirls, and much, much more.

Check the URL below for the full Chordslayer experience, keep the SoundCloud stream on deck for your on-the-go Maxo needs and pay actual money for the EP on Bandcamp.