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Here we goooo, three new tracks from one of the best no-fucks-given artists out there right now. With each new release, Mat Zo seems to be able to effortlessly conquer a completely new style while still keeping his own voice in tact.

There’s also something to be said about the presentation of each of Mat’s releases. The tracks on this MAD EP fit nicely together to make up a bigger concept piece, especially throughout the last two. The opening cut, “Troglodyte”, gives us an earful of magical cinematics before diving into a wonky swing of warping basslines and colorful synth splashes. If Muse and Noisia made a collab, it would probably sound something like this.

In “Take It Back”, Mat enlists the elite vocal talents of Foreign Beggars to serve as rhythmic artillery blasts around his half timed drum & bass warzone. “Take it back to the early days,” the vocal shouts as the ghost of Prodigy’s industrial rave glory becomes reborn in fresh Carmack-ian flames.

Then “Mad” hits… and you can really feel its rage; like… Mat is PISSED. I’m not sure what he’s heated about, but the combination of aggressive juke-y adrenaline, relentless blown out bass, and pitched up and jeering vocals come together beautifully in this giant middle finger of a track. “Mad” is perfect.

Stream the new EP below, pick it up here, and check the upcoming dates surrounding Mat’s new MAD TOUR.

Sept 16 – Vancouver, BC @ Celebrities
Sept 17 – Portland, OR @ 45 East
Sept 23 – Milwaukee, WI @ Site 1A
Sept 24 – Minneapolis, MN @ REV
Sept 28 – Boston, MA @ Bijou
Oct 1 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall
Oct 7 – Pontiac, MI @ Elektricity
Oct 8 – Seattle, WA @ WaMu Theater
Oct 13 – Winnipeg, MB @ District Stop
Oct 14 – Calgary, AB @ Marquee
Oct 15 – Hamilton, ON @ Club 77
Oct 21 – Miami, FL @ 1306
Oct 22 – Tampa, FL @ Ritz
Nov 10 – Costa Mesa, CA @ Sutra
Nov 11 – San Diego, CA @ Bassmnt
Nov 12 – Los Angeles, CA @ Create
Nov 19 – Chandler, AZ @ Global Dance Festival
Nov 23 – Austin, TX @ Kingdom
Nov 25 – Houston, TX @ Stereo Live