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Masayoshi Iimori and Mikeneko Homeless absolutely nail it with their collaborative track “America” featuring vicious vocals from Nagi Nemoto. When she spits, “Pizza n coke pizza n coke pizza n cola please,” it’s not asking a favor—it’s an order.

Comprised of an aggressively catchy beat tied in with ferociously spoken lyrics, this fun jab at America serves as what could easily be Mikeneko’s biggest track since “Soba ga tabetai“. Of course, it’s the signature flair of these two Japanese heavyweights that defines the club-centric sound of this piece.

We took the time to speak to Mikeneko Homeless about their thoughts on the track —

Since we, Mikeneko Homeless, had directional role on this (the track was mostly led by Masayoshi), we wanted to create something HUGE and CRAZY with a cute iconic girl, so I’m really happy and excited to see the finished product!

“America” follows closely on the lead of Maltine’s US tour, and though neither Masayoshi Iimori nor Mikeneko Homeless could be there they definitely seem to know exactly how it all would have gone down. For more info on Maltine’s tour schedule, the dates can be found on their Facebook. Find more of Masayoshi Iimori and Mikeneko Homeless on SoundCloud.

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