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Starting with his name alone, Mark The Beast is a little over-the-top. But his latest EP offering via Circus Records Your Love Is Like Fire is insanely satisfying largely because of how sonically over-the-top it is. Cascading, big feels synth-breakdowns, heartfelt vocals, and an undeniable momentum never lost throughout the six-track collection characterize this EP, and the amalgamation is boldly refreshing. We love us some emo-tronic, big-room bass music of the futuristic persuasion, but it can’t veer too far off into cheesiness or it becomes a caricature of itself and thus its soul is lost; not so with Your Love Is Like Fire.

As the EP opens, Mark’s collab with the duo Akylla released last year sets the stage with their stunning vocal harmonies delivered with a haunting sense of urgency that gives way to into an almost retro Major Lazer-esque drop. “Hollow” with Hairitage featuring Denisse Borquez sounds like a lullaby turned twisted in a yearning, retro emo-rock sort of way. Its title track with Leah Culver is a high-energy, melodic space-bass jam. The EP closes with a surprise acoustic cut of a song called “In Love With The Devil,” a timeless and haunting ballad with light production work around the vocals but an otherwise stripped-down offering. This is a fun and most satisfying ride, experience Mark The Beast and friends for yourself below.