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Mark Redito has released a remix album of his song “Everything Felt Right,” described by Mark himself as an eclectic collection of DIY/underground electronic music from house to lo-fi to slow funk. Beginning with a new version of the tune crafted by Mark Redito himself, the Midnight Version of “Everything Felt Right” is a gritty, downtempo ballad packed with the same good vibes present in the original production. It’s just a little more suited for smooth listening when you need something to vibe with. Of all the remixes on the album, our favorite comes from Qrion: she takes the original song and adds a considerable oomph with techno-inspired production, transforming the high-spirited tune into a dancefloor knockout.

Here’s what Mark had to say about the remixes:

“I’m always curious of how fellow musicians hear my music, so I wanted to explore that through this remix album. I contacted a few of my favorite producer friends and asked them re-interpret the track in any way they saw fit. The result was an inspired and imaginative album where each version stood on its own.

While the homebase for most of these artists is in the US, I wanted this project to reflect a global and eclectic sound. So I invited my favorites Qrion (Sapporo via San Francisco) and crwn (Manila, Philippines) to round out the album with their own takes.”

Listen to all the remixes for “Everything Felt Right” below.