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Photo: Steven Truong

This morning, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. before the sun came out to make my way to the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles for a rave thrown by McDonald’s and headlined by Manila Killa. It’s a sentence I never thought I’d ever write: who anticipated that corporations could throw an actually-cool event at such an ungodly hour? McDonald’s really did THAT, and they did it well. Dubbed the Rise N’ Rave, this event was plenty fun and wildly unexpected. Side note: nah, I didn’t get paid by McDonald’s to do this — I genuinely wanted to check out a rave thrown in the name of breakfast sandwiches, because why not?

With doors opening at 6 a.m., early-morning ravers got to grab some swag, take some cool photos, and eat McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches and drink coffee while they danced in the basement stage of the Globe. Manila Killa took the stage at 7 a.m. and delivered a one-hour set that wasn’t tailor-made for easy listening at the crack of dawn, but rather he played a set just like he would at midnight at the end of a festival. I caught up with Manila Killa after his set to get the inside scoop on this morning’s breakfast rave and find out what he’s up to while he’s in Los Angeles:

So, is this the earliest set you’ve ever played?

This is my earliest set, yes!

How did you prepare for it?

Honestly, I just prepared for it like I do with any set. I kinda get the vibe of where I’m playing, what kind of people are gonna be there, and just wing it from there.

Did you think of “wake up and feel good” music?

Honestly, I thought about playing a set where I did that, but I was like, “Nah, people are coming here to rave.” People are very stoked, so I don’t think I wanted to change my set any more than I would if I were to play at a festival.

What do you love the most about breakfast?

Oh my god, what do I love the most about breakfast? Honestly, I don’t like eating breakfast, but I thank myself so much after because I feel so much better. It’s that feeling when you’re satisfied and the day hasn’t started yet, but your tummy’s full and you’re ready to go. That’s probably my favorite thing about breakfast.

I think that’s all of us today because we got to eat breakfast and rave, which is incredible. What can you tell me about your new EP?

This is the first time I’ve ever tried working on a body of work. I’m working on six songs at once, I’ve never done that before. It’s really stressful, but it’s super rewarding and it’s such a learning experience. There’s so much that I just didn’t know that you really have to put into making a bunch of music all at once. Aside from that, it’s going well. I’m trying to finish it up, I’m here in LA trying to finish it up. It’s due in a couple weeks so I’m really just working hard, just trying to tie up all the loose ends and stuff.

Are you and McDonald’s besties now?

Oh, yes. I’ve always considered myself besties with McDonald’s because I feel like growing up, I loved McDonald’s all the way through high school, all the way through college — you know, late at night, McDonald’s has been there for me at like, 3 a.m., and now they’ve been there for me at 7 a.m. which is amazing. They’ve just always got my back, so yes — we are besties.

Scope some photos of the event in the gallery below courtesy of Steven Truong and listen to the latest tune from Manila Killa while you’re at it.