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Previously known as SONDAR, Katie Moore and Cait Cole are looking forward with a new moniker and a glittering, exhilarating electronic sound. Their¬†new endeavor,, is best represented through their all-new single “crash,” arriving via Foreign Family Collective tomorrow. We’ve got the exclusive premiere on this beautiful tune and had a chance to ask Katie and Cait about their transition to a sound that feels more personal.

Speaking on their transition from SONDAR to, the duo said they’re big supporters in the “words have meanings” department. “When SONDAR was formed, it made sense,”¬†they said. “As time moved forward, we began to see SONDAR growing and changing into what it is today. Rather than viewing it as a name change, we look at it as an evolution. strikes more true to us in where we are, and where we’re going.” The duo linked with Foreign Family Collective when Harrison from ODESZA reached out to them about a SoundCloud tune they put up. “He (and the whole FFC team) offered to help us in any way they could,” they said. “The excitement in their voices about a group of songs we hadn’t shown anyone, but had been working on for a long time, was proof enough that they truly love and connect with the music they consume. We respect everything they’re about, it’s rare to find real people out there.”

Looking forward, have one goal for the future of their project: “We want to connect people to music again. To us, our music isn’t just about a good jam, it’s about art and emulation. We want you to feel where we are. We want you to exist in our world.” Listen to “crash” via Foreign Family Collective below.