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It’s hard not to love Maggie Rogers, the young pop star from Maryland who’s been stirring folksy and electronic influence into an ambrosia. Sometimes when I’m feeling sad, I put on the music video for Maggie Rogers’ “Give A Little” because her raw, blissful charm makes me feel better; when I’m happy, I put it on to keep the good times rolling. She’s spectacular, and well-deserved the nod we gave her as one of the best musicians of 2017.

Now, Maggie Rogers has announced her debut album Heard It in a Past Life, set for release on January 18th, 2019. The tracklist is a broadside of all her past hits, including her breakout “Alaska” and other recent songs like “Fallingwater.” There’s a lot we haven’t heard there too, giving us hope for the new year.

Maggie’s not going to make us wait that long for new music, though, as she’s shared a new song alongside the announcement. “Light On” lies at the midpoint of the album and leaves you floating in a soothing air of acceptance. Surprisingly, no matter how heartrending this song may be, it’s still only my second-favorite song about leaving a light on that was released in 2018 — I guess that shows just how strong of a music year we’ve had.

Check out the full tracklist for Heard It in a Past Life below.

01. Give a Little
02. Overnight
03. The Knife
04. Alaska
05. Light On
06. Past Life
07. Say It
08. On + Off
09. Fallingwater
10. Retrograde
11. Burning