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Beyond his production, Madnap first earned his chops as a founder of the PAPER CRANE collective, which helped feature artists like DZZ, omniboi, and yitaku in its heyday. Since moving to Los Angeles, he’s shifted significantly from the blippy, uplifting anthems that marked his early sound, retaining their energy and hype while moving from club-aimed records to a more poppy style of song. His SEASONS EP started this trend, before his hit Moving Castle song “Honey” featuring Sophie Meiers brought this transition to the forefront of Madnap’s sound.

Now, Madnap brings forth a mix that bridges his past into the music he’s making today. We chatted with him about the new year and his plans for it, check that out below along with the tracklist, and we hope you enjoy this mix.

NHQ: happy new year dude! how has it been so far?

Madnap: hey thanks! it’s actually been really chill so far just been spending a lot of time with friends and such

NHQ: tight! yeah it’s only been a few days, you’re doing the first mini-mix of the year for us

Madnap: I know! that’s actually a huge honor for me since I’ve been listening to these mixes for years so thank you 🙂

NHQ: i was really stoked on all those demos you played for us in the fall and felt it would be a nice kickoff to a big 2018
NHQ: are any of those coming out soon, or better yet, are they in this mix?

Madnap: there is! I’ve got a collab with Acaer in the mix that we made over the summer in my apartment, hopefully we’ll be dropping that one soon

NHQ: that dude is sick

Madnap: he’s definitely one of my favorite producers out right now! been seeing a lot of people lately that just have so much potential, he’s one of them

NHQ: who else are you grooving on?

Madnap: lately I’ve been bumping Knapsack, Blank, JVNA, Jaron and Little Shadows (who I’m working on more music with)
Madnap: just to name a few

NHQ: this knapsack?

Madnap: yes!! he’s a yung genius tbh

NHQ: ay i remember this lavender blank remix
NHQ: he killed it on this one

Madnap: he really did! every Blank track goes off in DJ sets, got that remix in the mix too

NHQ: so how do you pick what you play in your sets

Madnap: it kind of depends on the gig, but for the most part, I try to make the “madnap set” as fun of an experience as possible for the crowd, including a lot of my music, songs similar to mine, and edits of tracks that everyone knows. I like to put myself in the crowds shoes (since I love attending shows) and think about what would get me hyped

NHQ: been to any sweet shows lately?

Madnap: yeah! I just recently went to Exchange to catch Ray Volpe’s set, it was wild, I love dubstep live lol it’s so much fun

NHQ: omg yes i wanted to go to that!
NHQ: i wish there was someone doing dubstep in an LA warehouse again

Madnap: I’d be sooo down, I live in DTLA so I can just walk over to a lot of shows like that one, it’s great

NHQ: almost moved to DTLA but i feel like i’d miss the grass yards too much

Madnap: what is grass
Madnap: lol

NHQ: astroturf is all we need
NHQ: what are you excited for this year?

Madnap: omg
Madnap: I’m personally excited to just do cool things with cool people, lots of shows, photoshoots, hangs, etc, all my friends here in LA are like the source of my happiness so to hang with them and work on lots of music would be a perfect year
Madnap: I’m also hoping we get a kanye album but you never know

NHQ: yeezy! he was recording on some mountain in wyoming last year
NHQ: no matter how much people hate i still think he’s a musical genius

Madnap: oh he’s the GOAT for sure, his songs have narrated my life since middle school, I just hope that Cruel Winter executively produced by Travis Scott is really a thing, I’d have a heart attack

NHQ: gimme good ass job and i’ll be set

Madnap: true

NHQ: you mentioned this mix was rain-themed, or water-themed?

Madnap: yeah! it’s just a lil concept that came to me a long time ago, I knew I wanted to start a mix with Bon Iver while rain fades in/out, then ended the mix with another rain fade in/out because I’m emo like that and it tied everything together really nicely!

NHQ: hahaha nice can’t wait to hear this bon iver intro
NHQ: last question, who have you never see play but always wanted to?

Madnap: this is such a random answer but I’ve always wanted to see The 1975 live and it’s just never happened lol, them, Kanye, Bon Iver of course, Kendrick, and Frank to name a few

NHQ: yes! great bucket list of solid live acts
NHQ: thanks for taking the time dude
NHQ: hope you have a great day!

Madnap: thanks so much dude! was great to talk for a bit, I’m so proud of this mix and can’t wait for everyone to hear it 💞 hope you have a great day too!

Bon Iver – 715 – CR∑∑KS
Madnap – Honey (ft. Sophie Meiers)
sumthin sumthin – Moon
Astre – Shades (Madnap & Metsä Remix)
Lorde – Homemade Dynamite (sem Remix)
Madnap & Naisu – Jasmine
Madnap & Acaer – ID
Chet Porter – Pls Stay The Night
2 Chainz – No Lie ft. Drake (Cashmere Cat Edit)
verzache – blueberry
Jai Wolf – Gravity (Robotaki Remix)
Virtual Self – Ghost Voices (Hex Cougar Flip)
Madnap – Lavender (Blank Remix)
Madnap & Yitaku – Finding Myself (ft. Restless Modern)
San Holo – One Thing
Petit Biscuit – Sunset Lover (Slow Hours Remix)
Kanye West – Heartless (Madnap Remix)
k?d – Show Me ft. Rahn Harper (Madnap Remix)
Kanye West – Stronger (Madnap Edit)
Rezz – Edge
Owl City x Said The Sky – Fireflies (SteLouse Edit)
k?d – Birth of The Universe


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