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What’s better than experiencing sets from your favorite DJs at one of this summer’s many festivals? Taking those sets home with you so you can relive it again and again, of course. House music connoisseur Madeaux threw down at this year’s edition of Lightning in a Bottle, and now you can experience his performance all over again. If you weren’t in attendance, it’s possible you’ll feel a slight twinge of regret, but I recommend getting lost in the music to make that pain go away.

What’s been named by fans as one of the best sets of the entire weekend, Madeaux graced LIB’s Pagoda stage for an hour and a half of electronic madness consisting of some of the coolest house tracks we’ve heard this year. This mix is packed with fresh picks from the man himself, and its execution is simply beautiful. I imagine that every single person in attendance was getting down for the entirety of the set — well, now you can, too. Check out Madeaux’s set below.