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Louis Roche, better known as Madame, is not only Boysnoize Record’s latest wunderkind but quite possibly one of the most impressively promising French exports as of late. This techno-electro prodigy is yet another embodiment of the highly sought-after European musical brilliance that has consistently reaffirmed faith in electronic music’s unpredictable future.

His release roster boasts a monumental amount of originals, remixes, and mixes—each respectively aiding in the development of Madame’s trademark sound. A quick retrospection of his musical accomplishments include EPs released on La Bombe, GND Records, Blood Music, Cherry Pickers, as well as his 2014 BNR debut Shuffle EP. Reworks for Thee Mike B & Oliver $, AUCAN, Molecule, NT89, and Baadman top his list of remix conquests in addition to a collaboration with Deapmash for this year’s Miami Noize compilation.

Peak-time club weapons, magnetic explosives, and percussive ammunitions are just a few components of Madame’s musical arsenal. There’s no definitive recipe for his individual productions, but you can usually expect varying amounts of rhythmic claustrophobia, melodic oppression, and mentally intoxicating compulsions of impenetrable sounds. His latest mix for Data Transmission will give you a flavorous taste of Madame’s stylistically tempting palette.

His latest electronic enterprise and sophomore release on BNR’s TRAX imprint is his Perc99 EP—an equally thrilling and intensified expedition into a techno utopia. The three-tracker features a continuous flow of rhythmic precisions emphasized by exponentially growing tension and drum-driven complexities. Exploring varied depth levels and oscillating energies, Madame achieves a perfect balance of poignant bliss and euphonic exposition, resulting in a soundtrack situated with both the techno and electro elite.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Madame to get a more in-depth insight into the artist’s creative conscious:

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into producing music. Was there a certain artist or record that sparked your interest in electronic music?

My real name is Louis, I’m 22 and I’m from France. I got into producing music about 4 years ago, I was what you can call a geek at that time and I was looking for my own thing. I was already passioned by and listening to a lot of electronic music, and I was wondering how this sound could be produced from a computer. This is what got me into producing.

I had no musical education. I thought it was amazing to learn by your own because I had no fixed rules in my head for producing. I was just taking those sounds out of my head.

There was no particular artist that sparked my interest into this genre, I was already passionate about it and I was listening to all I can, from Chemical Brothers to Pendulum, deadmau5, Boys Noize, early Gesaffelstein records…

Describe your sound in three words :

Power, darkness, efficiency

What ideas were in your mind when you were making your Perc99 EP?

I wanted to make a good follow-up to my Shuffle EP, still focusing on club and festival tracks.

For “Perc99”, I had this synth sound that came back almost every 15 seconds in the track, and I was deeply loving it so I wanted to create a track around it. I worked on some drums after because this synth sound suggested me a rave feeling and I felt like some heavy drums would go along well with it.

For “Overheat”, I made the motor engine start and rise sound from FM8, a plug-in in my computer. I wanted to contrast the idea of the really noisy synth with a deep and low-end bass, so I created this nonchalant groove with a bass.

For “Glory”, I was into 120bpm saturated techno tracks at the time, and I was wondering how this would sound if I made one. Here it is.

Do you look to a certain artist or label when you need inspiration or do you have a more organic process?

I don’t look for inspiration, because I rarely force myself to make music. I make music when I have inspiration. When I do, it’s either because I got an idea in my head and I want to reproduce it, or because I’m tweaking a synth or a sample and it gives me an idea to start on writing a new song.

What are you looking to achieve with your sound and what can we expect from you in the future?

I’m looking forward to keep on developing my sound and see where it leads me to. I’m just doing what I want to hear from me, so if I’m looking to achieve something, it would be to master that sound and be able to do whatever I want from it. For the future, I will keep focusing on making Madame tracks, because this is what I want to do. Maybe this will change one day.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

This might sound a little cliché but Holy Ship looks like the best party on earth at the moment !

Lastly, what are a few of your favorite records and producers right now?

I’m actually in love with the song “I.D.L” from Life Sim, it’s beautiful. I also love what producers like Jimmy Edgar, Randomer, Danny Daze and Louisahhh!!! are doing at the moment. (+ a lot more)


Indulge in some Madame ingenuity below, download the full Perc99 EP out on Beatport, and follow him on Twitter.

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