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Last week, Skrillex made an iconic return to EDC with a special headlining performance at EDC Mexico. He brought OWSLA Goods along for the ride, where the brand debuted its new collection in collaboration with Luke Vicious in the form of a pop-up shop in Mexico City. We’ve got exclusive photos of what went down at the pop-up shop over the weekend courtesy of coughs and some selects from the new line, available now fromĀ OWSLA Goods.

To learn more about the new collection, we spoke to Luke about his inspiration behind the designs, his relationship with OWSLA, and how he fell in love with fashion:

How did you end up working with OWSLA? What about the brand resonates with you?

I was introduced to OWSLA by a fellow creative, Marilyn Tang, who approached me to do a live painting demo at the first ever ComplexCon. The live demo also turned into creating a small collection of “Lukevicious” 1of1s for the OWSLA brand. What resonates with me is their musical background. A long time ago, I also wanted to become a music producer and can play several instruments and I am well aware of the hard work and time that is behind creating music. I have a high respect for the art form and those who give their life to it because I know it’s out of pure passion.

What imagery or observations inspired this collection?

I have a heavy obsession with old ’80s and ’90s low-fi, gritty album covers. When designing I like to imagine each composition as a singles cover. The obsession is so much that I like to create my own using original photography and hand-rendered type.

We read you got interested in fashion through Alexander McQueen’s designs for Bjork, what was it about those designs that hooked you? Was there one in particular?

I clearly recall having my world turned upside down when I discovered “Homogenic.” I remember spending hours analyzing the CD packaging and feeling beyond intrigued and immediately began to wonder who the fuck was behind it and how was it created. This was beyond pictures, it was my intro to fashion and the art of design, makeup, and overall creative direction. I have known nothing but art since I was a child and after seeing his work it inspired me to look at things as a whole and really drove my passion into creative direction.

What are some of the other primary inspirations behind the signature Luke Vicious style?
Black, white, blood red, and midnight blue.