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Lucian helps fend off the winter blues with a bright new original. Linking up with New York-based vocalist Philosofie, the two find themselves wholly in their element on “Deja Vu.” Having previously captured worldwide attention on their free-spirited original “Do My Thing,” Lucian and Philosofie are priming audiences once again with their distinct future pop sound.

Both equal mainstays of the genre, “Deja Vu” showcases familiar strengths for both artists. Deep textures and fluttering synths from Lucian paint a colorful backdrop for Philosofie’s airy and delicate vocals. While “Deja Vu” is sonically in line with what we’ve come to expect from Lucian, he continues to impress as one of the most consistent producers working within the future bass sound.

Listen to Lucian and Philosofie recreate their signature formula in “Deja Vu” out now.