This is our story...

LUCA LUSH just put out one of his most heartfelt tracks to date, a song about his cat Sasha which goes by the same name and tells the story from his cat’s perspective of how he came into LUCA’s life. There’s a tangibility to the vocoded digital soul that comes through bright synth patches with a spicy little build-up and breakdown that has a bobbing, rollicking feel. Despite being a fun party track about a cat, it’s undeniably emotional.

As he explains in the SoundCloud description, “Every day that week this cat would come up to the front porch and meow for food, and every day I’d feed her, to the point where she would actively try to slide in the door on my way back in. So eventually I caved – even though I had never had a pet before and didn’t know the first thing about cats.” Hear the happy-ending-centric ballad of Sasha’s journey below.