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This new tune came just in time for this summer’s festivities. The latest on our radar is a stellar track from master house producer Shaun Frank, and it’s his exceptional remix for Louis The Child’s hit single “Better Not” featuring Wafia.

Lately, it’s commonplace for producers to remix a track and fail to retain most of the original song’s elements, but Shaun Frank embraced the details of Louis The Child’s original production and transformed them into a sensational dancefloor treat. We praised the original single for its tropical vibes and addictive steel drums, and Shaun Frank does an excellent job of turning this feel-good anthem into a luscious house heater.

This remix adopts the subtle synth hits that creep in the background of the drop in the original track; Shaun Frank takes this small component and puts it at the forefront of his remix, sparking deep house vibes and evoking an ultra-sexy sensation through the beat. In all, Shaun Frank nailed this interpretation of “Better Not,” and it’s going to be on repeat all day long.

Listen to Shaun Frank’s remix of “Better Not” below.