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Trick or treating through unbound frequencies, the Lost Dogz have returned with another festive compilation featuring artists like Abelation, Chrome Republic, Vide, and more. Trick Or Treatz is the Halloween-styled bark project yanking all civilians into the dark. With all 11 experimental trap tunes, the Lost Dogz have pulled us down into the inferno, and have yet to look back for survivors. As the collective continues to dominate all things good versus evil, the underground keeps tunneling bigger and bigger.

Player Dave’s “Outa Pocket” sets the scene of something close to murderous with a slow piano melody into some sub-bass monster wubs. Following, Vide comes through to release the “hellhounds” via spiraling saws and off-centered 808s, fending off anyone in the way of the pack. Milano tries to lure us back in with some “Candy,” but anyone who knows him knows he’s got the sharpest rhythm in the game. Next, Abelation breaks beats as he shares how “Disgusting” the sewers are, yet the poor producer can’t seem to get enough of the wobble-slime. Chrome Republic’s “Poggers” instrumental snaps us back to life, and checks us right into an insane-bass asylum; meanwhile, EAZYBAKED assures the doctors it’s all just our “Psychosis” and we were imagining it the whole time — and to ignore the wiggles paired with this one.

The Lost Dogz left us with a message:

This tape is a collection of songs from the dogz at their spoopiest forms. Play this for the trick or treaters. Scare them. Make them run in terror…except if they have service dogz, pet the dog and reward those kids with FULL SIZED CANDY BARS. Also: STOP BRINGING YOUR DOGZ TO FESTIVALS.

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