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Jerry Lee Atwood is an intriguing individual based out of Indianapolis, Indiana known for his handmade Western wear. Atwood creates custom chain-stitched suits for anyone wanting a look that’s painted with thread. The embroidery style of Atwood has developed throughout his life of being an artist, country music fan, and a genuinely connected tailor. Originally, Western wear derives its style from the 19th century Midwest lives of mountain men, travelers, and of course cowboys, but combined with Atwood’s sense of style, it now embodies a classic-meets-modern-aesthetic in the style of legendary tailor Nudie Cohn who did suits for ’70s era Elton John and Johnny Cash to name a few. By using antique chain stitch embroidery machines, Atwood has become a deluxe designer of sewing decorative motifs. The machines require Atwood to lead and sew the threads on his own as he uses old-school hand-eye coordination to stitch the pieces on the spot.

Most recently, Atwood has broken into the hip-hop world by designing two suits for Post Malone, one being the look the famed rapper just sported to the American Music Awards last night. “His stylist sent me a message on Instagram last November,”¬†Atwood said to Indiana reporter David Lindquist. “I didn’t know who Post Malone was. When I sat down to sketch some designs for the stylist I decided to look him up on YouTube to get a sense of his music and his overall vibe. I did a literal spit take when the first video that popped up had 300 million views.”

Post Malone’s sky blue suit was a hit across the carpet: snakes, a silver belt buckle, glitter heeled boots, and a tantalizing red solo cup made this look complete. It was designed by Atwood and Cathy Hahn. Check out some of our favorite Jerry Lee Atwood designs in the gallery below. Additionally, Grass Fed Cinema’s John Scott is to thank for this refreshing peek into his life and amazing craft.