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Medasin and josh pan, longtime friends and collaborators, have never been ones to stray from innovative and unconventional musical creations. But this re-imagination of Lil Uzi Vert’s hit single “XO TOUR Llif3” is really something else – a fusion of jazz and R&B, it feels like a joke or parody, except for the fact that’s it’s really, really good.

Although best known for his boundary-pushing production, josh pan has increasingly put his vocal talents on display as of late with the likes of “Nowhere,” his OWSLA-released, Bowie-meets-bass-music collaboration with X&G. On this track, his singing once again takes a starring role as he croons over a soft, lush piano instrumental.

It’s risk-taking, it’s baffling – but most of all it’s awesome. And that’s just Medasin + josh pan in a nutshell.

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