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To the aspiring hardcore warriors and current speed demons alike, Lil Texas’ latest seasonal mix is out now. It’s been quite the wild ride for Lil Texas since his last mix: he closed the wasteLAND stage at EDC Las Vegas just a few weekends ago, released a smashing Frenchore-inspired tune, and announced he’ll be joining Danny L Harle for a Boiler Room show in London next month. In this brand new mix, we’re rolling into the summer with blistering hardcore from an assortment of artists, including some IDs from Lil Texas himself. In true Texcore fashion, he made a hilariously off-the-wall promotional video for the mix that features him as your hardcore preacher.

Listen to the mix below and watch the promo video above.


Warface – Frontline

Delete – Pulse (Mind Dimension & The Purge Remix)

Ncrypta – Black Air 2019

Malice & Thyron – Beat You to Death

Malice & Luminite – Death Destruction

Mind Dimension – Room Rocker

Krowdexx – Gravedigger

Ncrypta & Thyron – Surrender

Luminite – The Incredible

Ncrypta & Malice – Schizophrenia

Mike Cervello & Dither – the Get Down

Malice – Detonate

Malice – Annihilation

Gunz for Hire – Don’t Look

Angerfist & Miss K8 – Get It Lit

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor – Never Alone (Re-style Remix0

Noize Suppressor – Disco Balls

Switch Technique & Gancher & Ruin – Evil Dance

Angerfist & Miss K8 – Impact

N-Vitral – The Ruler (Feat. Tha Watcher) [Official Syndicate 2018 Anthem]

Neophyte & Scott Brown – This One Is for You (Restrained Extended Mix)

Angerfist – The Desecrated (Radical Redemption Remix)

Miss K8 – The Posion (N-vitral Remix)

The Melodyst & Malice – House of Distortion

Masters of Ceremony – Hardcore 2 Da Bone (N-Vitral Remix)

Dither & Deadly Guns – Playing With Fire

Iridium – Nasty

Noize Suppressor – Street Game

Radical Redemption & Digital Punk – Kik Op Je Bek

Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & D-Fence – Virgin

Lil Texas – ID

The Prophet – Wanna Play?

D-Fence – Dissed

Sandy Warez – K.M.A.

NSD – Hai La Noi (Edub Remix)

Lil Texas – ID

Sandy Warez – Vanishing Point

Sjammienators – Uptempo Is the Tempo Party Anthem

Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Riot Shit – Broccoli Fuck

Sandy Warez – Power of Shiva

Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz – Barbie Fuck (400 BPM)