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We feel like we just left a higher octave of reality walking out of Lido’s short film and visual EP screening, I O U 2. In addition to creating a world in which my idea of Lido’s artist project will forever reside, I O U 2 is the first time we’ve ever gotten to hear his voice in its pure form. “This is the first time in many, many years I’ve included this much of my vocals in my music,” he explained before the film. “Most of you probably know me for music that I’ve made that’s instrumental, and now I’m trying to be a singer and say some stuff that’s important to me.”

The visual element of the project stemmed from a singular conversation he had nearly four years ago with an underground radio host in Toronto named Jag Knoxx, who would eventually produce the I O U 2 visual with director Arudz Goudsouzian. In the course of what Lido imagined would be a regular interview, he wound up having the most powerful conversation of his adult life which inspired the forging of a new creative path. “It was very natural for me to trust him in this process because we’ve talked so much and I know him so well at this point,” Lido explained. The concept was conceived with Jag’s friend, filmmaker Arudz Goudsouzian, and the result is a breathtaking work of art that looks like a surreal photograph of British Columbia, where the film was shot, come to life.

“I put out an album called Everything pretty much exactly two years ago, and I thought I was going to follow that up with an album called Nothing,” he said. “And instead of doing that, I took that music and split it into two EPs called I O U 1 and I O U 2. So I dropped I O U 1 about two months ago and this is the second part of that. So everything was a concept album, a post-breakup process thing, and then I O U 1 and I O U 2 is sort of a reflection on that process after the fact. So it’s very personal music to me, really scary to put it out but I’m really proud of it at the same time.”

Immediately, the film struck a chord at its first high-impact moment when the main character, who we eventually see Lido is a reflection of,  defiantly makes the decision to put his feelings on the internet and instantly fries his own mental circuitry in a sudden explosion of energy. From there, our nameless protagonist, Lido’s own reflection, finds himself in nature where he encounters both his other and his reflection as well.


“The key word I gave them (Jag and Arudz) when we started to work on this was ‘reflection,'” he explained. “And they literally made a glass mask and used a lot of mirrors in the visuals to represent that. There’s a bunch of symbolism in it, but the main thing to me was that self-realization and self-love through reflection. I’ve also traveled so much and met so many people who misinterpreted my music and it’s so dope that I don’t want to ruin their misinterpretations, ’cause very often it’s better than what I originally thought.” A portion of the visual will be released along with the EP this Friday and more screenings of the full-length film will continue happening around the world, so stay tuned to Lido to find out when and where you’ll be invited to enter the world of his reflection through I O U 2.