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On the heels of “All Nite” and “Ruby,” blossoming singer-songwriter Lenis has returned with her official debut track titled “Told Him.” Fellow San Diego artist Zuma. lays the foundation for the tune, lacing her alluring vocals with warm piano riffs and a flurry of trickling percussion. Shaped as a phone call with a close friend, Lenis holds nothing back as she recalls the story of a past relationship. The ode to leaving toxic energy behind also embraces self-love, concluding with a bouncy beatswitch to create a thoroughly impressive debut.

Lenis also shared her insight on the track:

“When I receive beats I start humming along to feel it out. Since the beat was bubbly I thought it would be interesting to contrast it with some ‘f u’ lyrics. I think this track is special because it allows listeners to relate to the song whether they are in a depressed or good mood because of the way it musically and lyrically contrasts. Unlike a lot of songs that were made specifically geared towards one particular emotion, I feel like my listeners can decide how they want to hear my song.”

Stream “Told Him” below.

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