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If you’re aware of the musical prowess and range of French native Lémuel Dufez and his respective projects, you probably clicked on this post with the fire of a thousand suns — if you know about this guy, then you know. He’s served as one-fourth of Point Point along with plus half of Alesia along with while keeping his own project DEVOTED going. He’s also a co-founder of the Parisian-based label Record Record and now has yet another project in which to iterate his musical inklings, this time in form of a duo known as FUKC with fellow collaborator John Sterry, both pictured above.

They’ve been releasing music as FUKC for the last year, and a trip through FUKC’s SoundCloud page reveals how successfully and uniquely they’ve tapped into the post-modern dread of living on the internet through a hybridized mix of indie rock, pop, and electronic sounds. We had the chance to catch up with Lémuel to find out what sparked this new sound and direction for him, which we highly recommend you read while listening to their all-new single, “I Wanna Be A Nobody.”

“Well, as an electronic music producer, I had no background in music theory,” he explained. “I learnt by starting producing beats on Ableton so I never really had the confidence in myself to feel legitimate in the more indie/rock music scene, even though it’s been on my radar since I was teenager.” While imagining such a prolific creator like Lémuel having a gap in his creative confidence is unfathomable to me, he was fortunately able to overcome it with John’s help and inspiration. John, who’s been in London-based indie bands since he was 15, started a project called Billionaire and also sings in the extremely influential UK post-punk band Gang of Four, and who he’s toured the world with many times over.

“I started this band called Alesia then another called Point Point, both signed on OWSLA,” Lémuel said. “A few years later, I moved to LA. Sharing a vision and making music with a lot of different musicians such as John, who’s coming from more a rock background, helped me to get that confidence.” The two were introduced by John’s management for his Billionaire project, which turned out to be quite the serendipitous pairing. “During that time, John and myself started to make music together; we went for five days in Joshua Tree and started to make songs together and picked a name which represents the best of us two, then started releasing music!”

And lucky us getting to reap the benefit in this moment; we also took the liberty of putting all FUKC’s other SoundCloud releases into a single playlist for your listening pleasure below.