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LCD Soundsystem’s comeback album American Dream had a ton of great songwriting and a well-executed overall aesthetic, but its somewhat bleaker tones meant that a lot of those ideas weren’t fit for the dancefloors where LCD Soundsystem’s music had reigned throughout the ’00s. Luckily, they’ve started rolling out remixes for the album, and the first set of them, aptly titled some remixes, gets us off at a rolling pace.

First, Dixon‘s retouch of “I Used To” is a minimalistic remix that really leans into the laid-back vibes of the original, anchoring them to a four-to-the-floor dancing groove that’s easy to pin down and elongating the sumptuousness of its melodies into a slow burner.

Then, “Oh Baby” is probably the biggest hit off LCD Soundsystem‘s American Dream, with a production that does a great job capturing an ’80s nostalgia movement that’s been brewing over the past couple years, yet Lovefingers shrugs off the original’s signature sound for a drum machine-led séance that does justice to a whole different element of that decade.

It’s a rare production from Lovefingers, who mostly makes his mark through his sets and impeccably-curated ESP Institute label that’s featured the likes of Young Marco and Tornado Wallace.

LCD Soundsystem’s some remixes is out now, listen below.