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Fresh off his LSD project with Sia and Diplo, Labrinth has released an all-new single and music video for “Miracle” which fully lives up to its name from the get-go. The song itself is soulful, sensually reverberating lo-fi R&B with an electronic drop packed full of gorgeous instrumental intricacies, and the video has a mind-blowing narrative best explained by Labrinth himself.

“I was working in LA for a while… Out there I spoke to artists and digested their experiences,” he said. “It inspired me to create this story where a young kid sells his imagination to a businessman for success. It was based on the idea that a lot of artists, or anyone that has an imagination, come from a place of total innocence. Every idea you are creating is not about stats, not about money, not about vanity, it’s about realizing or fulfilling this idea. It’s not like saying being successful is bad, it’s saying what success do you want for yourself instead of the one version of success that we’re all pressured into wanting.”

We cannot stop watching this video, and its imagery is so powerful it will forever be inextricable in your mind from the song itself. Get yourself a dose of “Miracle” above.