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Kyle Watson, who featured in NEST HQ’s Best Songs of 2017 for his explosive “Road Trips,” has stepped back onto Box of Cats for a whirly slider, “Vice Versa.”

Box of Cats, the bourbon-shaking house music collective led by Wongo, Jeff Doubleu, Jak Z, Kyle Watson, Tom EQ, and Marc Spence, grew its profile pretty quickly over the past year. Though the label spent the majority of 2017 giving away its heaters for free download, it seems they’re now opting to charge for their wares, having started around their 25th release. That’s no surprise: given their great effectiveness on the dancefloor, it made sense to turn towards a paid endeavor.

“Vice Versa” plays hide-and-seek with its rhythms as its needly lead filters up and down, making way for a shaking house jam. On the remix front, Wongo and Jeff Doubleau focus on the zanier aspects of the track for their squeaky version; Franklyn Watts takes it for an acid spin, and Mancodex adds some Russian dressing onto the salad.

Kyle Watson’s “Vice Versa” is out now on Box of Cats.