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Of all the full length albums in the past few years, Frank Ocean’s Blonde takes the cake amongst the most anticipated and highly praised, hailed by many as one of the best of the year. As emotionally exhausting and contemplative as the album may be, tracks like “White Ferrari” and “Solo (Reprise)” still find their way onto the dance floor. Late last month, by the hand of Kweku Saunderson (nephew of Detroit house legend Kevin Saunderson), we received an unofficial eight-track remix album filled with house and techno revisions of Ocean’s originals.

Featuring a similar stylization, including two different spellings and an acid-washed adaptation of Blonde‘s cover art, many of the tracks on Brunette exist as unique and original works that merely cherrypick certain vibes of their predecessors. “Solo”, on the other hand, feels the most comparable offering little more than what a few snares and hi-hats can muster. If you’ve been looking for a proper set of remixes, ask and ye shall receive.

Give Brunette a listen below and find more of Kweku Saunderson on SoundCloud and Beatport.