This is our story...

It’s an eerie warm summer night. You’re walking the streets of Shibuya and it’s quiet, far too quiet. The air is cool, but you can see your breath like the dead of winter. There’s an ambiance that’s telling you “something here’s not right.” Hold on tight. The mysterious Klasey Jones of Plastician’s Terrorhythm Recordings is about to pull you into a supernatural thriller with his downtempo Eleven project.

The project is influenced by the audio and visual style of Stranger Things, and synth soundtracks of the 80’s. It pulls influences from Lo-Fi, Grime, and the ever popular growing Wave scene to build a soundscape that hits you like a brick wall, pulling your into soul into his realm. Listen to the birds sings, the sparkling, crystalline arps, and the waves of reese bass wash over you while the hi-hat triplets nurse you to sleep in the dangers of the spirit world.

The mixtape features anime cover art from Mizucat, which really sets the stage when you press play. Terrorhythm has done it again, bringing forward yet another original and forward-thinking release. Stream Klasey Jones Eleven below. I recommend watching YuYu Hakusho or your favorite anime in the background on mute along with it.