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Amsterdam’s Klangstof is an indie rock band whose name translates to “reverb dust.” Made up of Koen, Jobo, Wannes, and Jun, these four have mastered how to polish productions by utilizing free expression to lead their musical fortes. Two years ago, Galant’s team Mind Of A Genius signed Klangstof; they have since released their debut album Close Eyes to Exit. NHQ formerly featured both “Amandsworld” and “We Are Your Receiver” off the album.

After a year long intermission, Klangstof has finally returned with an ever-evolving single called “Everest.” The alternative piece portrays a wise soul sharing the knowledge of life’s essentials. Koen (vocalist) has a powerful tone to advocate the message. Plus he is supported by a lustrous mixture of live instruments and amplified synths. Klangstof’s experimental melody flushes our deepest thoughts. Personally, I feel their dulcet approach to such profound feelings is what allows us listeners to really learn from them.

You can listen and download Klangstof’s “Everest” below.