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Reykjavik-based producer and musician Kíruma just dropped his latest single via Black Marble Collective, “How Did We Get Here,” with a handful of remixes. The original was created to bring some much needed light to the unrelenting despair surrounding American politics. Each of the remixes — one from A.Fruit, Conrad Clifton, and BSN Posse — offers a new take on the steady jam, including some sound bites from the anti-Trump protests and marches. Our favorite, the one that captures the honesty of “HDWGH” in a danceable light, is Spanish duo BSN Posse’s footwork edit.

Modesty is the name of the game for BSN. The slow build and poignant yet sharp melody feel more contemplative than your average footwork tune. The percussion is spastic but the harmonies march along in unison. It is a sharp musical criticism of the despondent sentiments of more than half of America, but a comforting solace for the positive of what’s to come from the unification of a society in opposition.

Listen to all four songs below courtesy of Black Marble Collective and keep your head up.

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