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Colorado’s experimental beat maker KIN has taken murky sound design to the next level. Nick began releasing tracks on SoundCloud in 2014, and has since produced some incredibly complex tracks. For instance, his originals “Space,” “Fuck It,” and “Seasons” with Dr. Derg are composed of unexpected textures that will leave you fully engaged. KIN precisely layers instrumentals on top of boom-bap themed 808s.

Most recently, KIN’s original “Skylark” engineers some heavy weighted machinery into his melody. Initially the track doesn’t seem so menacing, that is until “Skylark” fires off an insane amount of grime. Once the decaying snares have begun to loop, KIN continues to immerse the rhythm with freaky synths and reverbs. “Skylark” transforms from low-frequency mayhem into a spine-chilling bumper.

Check out KIN below.

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