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Extraordinary moments in time are sought out when a feeling of pure tranquility rushes through your body, and kerri is the most recent artist who has given me these feelings of calming bliss. Based in Canada, this young artist is also known to us here at NHQ as Project Closure, although at this state in his career, kerri feels this new alias is the sound that currently best represents him.

To be honest, I agree. Since I met kerri online about a year and a half ago, I have watched him change musical colors from his own solstice of both life and production experiences, and now kerri’s happy accidents is the 18-year-old’s debut into the next chapter of his downtempo career. Made up of nine handcrafted tracks, happy accidents features kerri blending writing, sampling live instruments, singing, and mixing to create a truly alluring sound.

Although the EP does not feature a spotlight track, “i’m sorry” has received the most attention. The song has a soft intro that echoes muted vocals whispering an ode to leaving home. Overall, happy accidents touches the ambient genre with R&B soul and trip-hop experimentation.

kerri and I spoke about happy accidents and what it meant to him as he moves into 2018:

Hey kerri, how do you hope happy accidents will affect your year?

I’m just hoping this project sets some sort of precedent for who I am artistically and shows people what I’m capable of. I’m super happy to have it out, finally. Hopefully new people will hear it and stick around too.

It sounds like you have more plans for 2018, I’m guessing I’m correct?

I’ve got a lot of plans for 2018. It feels great to have all of this support behind my dumb dreams.

Haha well you have earned it. Are you producing at all as Project Closure anymore or solely kerri?

Well, to me they represent two different points in my life and I think kerri is just where my heart is at, at the moment anyway. There’s still a Project Closure EP coming sometime in the next few months with a whole vinyl release and a photography booklet, but I wrote those songs in December of 2016 and wrapped them up around last fall.

Although happy accidents is an EP, you are considering this to be your kerri debut, right?

To me it’s an EP, yeah. I don’t necessarily see it as my big full-length debut. That’ll be a while from now. But in my eyes it’s my first real commercial project.

Well, it’s a beautiful start. I still cannot believe you’re only 18 years old…

It feels like I’ve been making music for 50 years though. It’s so strange. I remember being like 16 and making beats on SoundCloud. I swear I feel like an old man most days.

Probably because it’s exactly what you’re meant to be doing. I know you play and record your instruments live, tell me more about the production behind happy accidents.

I’m actually super adamant about writing everything out myself, but presenting it in a way that feels “sampled.” I spend way too much time working out ways to make my own recordings sound shittier haha. I also like to do lots of sampling of keys and plastic and water and weird little things like that to work into my percussion.

Wow I love that so much.

I think it adds to my artistic identity. Using less conventional sounds in a style that is typically really smooth and glossy. Being “alternative” or “R&B” or whatever.

What are your favorite songs from the EP?

I think my favorites are “rosegold” and “if i could fly.” Those two mean sooo much to me. I think the amount of emotion and time I put into them comes through musically. I feel like with this project I’m finally making the transition from just a producer into being my own artist.

It’s funny you say that because I actually feel the same way following your career since we met. Can we expect to see you play any live shows in the future?

Oh man, I would LOVE to do live shows. At the moment I don’t live anywhere cool like LA or New York so it’s a bit harder for me to do all of it independently, but it’s been a goal of mine FOREVER. Just to throw the most somber emotional little shows. The thought of it is a bit funny, really.

Lol, a show like that would be something else! Anyway, dude thank you so much for sharing with me. I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings you!

Thank you so much for showing interest in my music! The support really means the world to me. It’s hard to even put it into words.

nourish. released kerri’s happy accidents this past Friday: listen below.