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It seems that Kelly Moran has become quite the icon when it comes to forward-thinking music videos as of late. We recently featured her music video for “Water Music” off her acclaimed record Ultraviolet via Warp Records, where Kelly linked up with longtime friend and collaborator Cassie McQuater to create a mesmerizing video.

The pair returns in Kelly’s latest music video for her single “Love Birds, Night Birds, Devil-Birds” off her latest Origin EP, this time opting more an even more abstract route. It’s a delightfully trippy experience to locate all the birds within the changing perspectives throughout this video, something I’d recommend to watch if you choose to partake in a psychedelic experience. This piece originally debuted as an immersive three-channel installation spanning three 18-foot walls at Transfer gallery during this year’s Frieze in Los Angeles. Get lost in Kelly’s hypnotizing soundscapes with this video’s hallucinogenic properties above.