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There’s finally a political party for ravers, clubbers, and everything in between — at least in Australia. After more than four years of battling Sydney’s lockout laws, Keep Sydney Open is now officially a political party. On top of that, they’re throwing their own party to celebrate, too.

Keep Sydney Open is an organization that advocates for issues surrounding the city’s nightlife and night-time economy, best known for its opposition to the Sydney lockout laws. If you’re unaware, the Sydney lockout laws were introduced by the Government of New South Wales in February 2014 in order to reduce alcohol-fueled violence. The legislation bars clubbers from entering venues past 1:30 a.m. and requires last drinks at bars, pubs, and clubs at 3:00 a.m. in the Sydney CBD entertainment precinct.

Their mission is quite impressive, honestly. If you take a look at their website, they’ve laid out everything you’d want to know about the anti-lockout laws and what the group wants to achieve. “Keep Sydney Open was formed to support nightlife in the belief that a city needs to encourage connection between people, not actively diminish it,” the site reads. “But through our mission to fight the ‘lockout laws’, we discovered that they were only a symptom of a deep-rooted sickness in NSW politics. Be it greed, incompetence or skewed priorities at odds with community sentiment — our leaders have lost touch and are no longer fit for purpose.” In addition to this description, the group has outlined solutions for the problem at hand. They suggest a number of remedies, including replacing lockouts with targeted liquor licensing, implementing a 24-hour urban transport system, and more.

“Keep Sydney Open is now a political party and we are celebrating with PARTY PARTY — a political launch party like no other,” the event page for the party reads. “Taking over the Kings Cross Hotel, we’re not only kicking off our tilt at next year’s state election but doing our bit to support Kings Cross, support inner-city venues and all the musicians and bands that keep Sydney pulsing.” The lineup includes artists like Roland Tings, Jack (Bag Raiders), FlexMami, and many more. The event takes place on June 30th — cop your tickets here.