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Kastle has been in the game for nearly seven years, first breaking ground in music with “Better Off Alone” off Seclusiasis. The tune was massive and launched his career as a promising young talent in the realm of garage, dubstep, grime, and jungle. Now, he’s already on his second major studio album, Reflections.

This may come as no surprise, but Kastle’s sound is far more advance these days. His craft is honed and we have his SYMBOLS label to thank for that. “His role as a label head and his relentless focus on discovering what’s next led to a 12-month period of radial self-experimentation,” the album’s press release reads. “[Reflections] is centered around the more classic strains of two-step and UK garage.” As a curator and A&R, you receive so many different styles and inspiration, leading to significant influence and well-rounded tastes. Kastle is no exception, and Reflections is gearing up to be a perfect example of a veteran with a trained ear.

Listen to “Visions” now, the first offering of the 12-track album. Pre-order Reflections now, due out October 14th, and find more of Kastle on SoundCloud and Twitter.

Reflections Tracklist:
1. Toward The Interior
2. The Future feat. Michael Brailey
3. So Faded
4. Visions
5. Way Too Deep
6. Surreal
7. Collide
8. Holographic feat. Sara Z
9. Higher
10. Scorpio Rising
11. How 2 Love
12. Masks

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