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Karma Fields’ classically trained producer chops are on full display throughout his new record BODY RUSH, a concept album aiming to capture the essence of sensual experience. The album boasts a garden variety of features from the likes of Tove Lo, Little Boots, shey baba, MSK, and Rosette, who each add a different facet to the sonic experience that oscillates between dark, animalistic hedonism and sexy, slow-burning melodic magic. At times it’s throbbing and volatile, progressing with an edge of industrial grit, and at other times soft sounds spiral into a hypnotic, gentle flow.

Personal favorites include the after-hours creeper “An Underground System Of Forgotten Machines,” a squealing, high-impact track made for taking the dancefloor from a dull roar to a full-blown riot. “Midnight Drive” has an almost Kavinsky-esque edge to the sound design that seems to create the sensation of movement in every little sonic detail and a hook that pulsates rights into a bloghaus-style anthem “You and Me” featuring Little Boots. “S > M > T (Super Mega Tokyo)” might be the most beloved of the lot because it sounds like a Robyn production juiced up with a dose of slithering, psychedelic synths.

Although BODY RUSH is absolutely worth a start-to-finish listen, here’s a spoiler alert: go straight for the second-to-last song “Feel Real,” which captures the full spectrum of the album’s listening experience in a single track. A sexy, ’80s new wave groove is punctuated by futuristic synths that echo through a cavernous, deliciously dark soundscape, almost giving way to the sort of progressive reverie typically found in big room trance and prog house but never quite taking it to that level. He saves the melodic climax for the album’s final song “Seconds,” that turns on a dime into an alluring, industrial grade party tune that feels suited for falling in love during the final fleeting moments of humanity’s existence.

Get a hit of BODY RUSH below.