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The duo of Blawan and Pariah as Karenn goes down in history as one of the most iconic, forward-thinking pairings in techno. It was noted by Resident Advisor as some of the meanest techno around, and even after five years of hibernation, that sentiment rings true to this day. Kind Of Green is the first EP from Karenn since 2014 — there’s been quite a shift in trends between then and now, but this five-track offering represents the fundamental elements of techno while Karenn innovate the genre with forward-thinking techniques — basically, it’s a mind-fuck and a half.

From the kaleidoscopic-meets-robotic introduction of opening track “Rek,” Karenn make up for lost time in a monumental fashion. The complexities of their production aren’t overpowered by booming kicks, and the energy is palpable through and through. I felt violently reeled into their soundscape the moment I pressed play on “Salz,” a gritty, unforgiving tune of the warehouse persuasion. The shock value lies in the almost demonic synth that grinds up against relentless percussion. Things get even weirder on the kooky, yet hard-hitting “Newt,” a tune that might banish me to the shadow realm if I heard it on the dancefloor at an after-hours party. I just love that the description for this EP is as simple as this: “5 slices of pudding for your pet fowl.” Feast on it for yourself below.