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Earlier today, Osaka-based producer Kafuka (born Eshima Kazuomi) released his latest work – an album with Project Mooncircle. Laws of Nature is a remarkable body of work, diving head first into the downtempo electronica world that artists like Bonobo, Emancipator, and Teeb++ have become best known for. Stark contrasts between analogue and digital, natural and artificial exist within. On Laws of Nature, the two inherent dichotomies work together in blissful harmony.

It’s a bit chaotic but in a purely IDM way. Minimal collages of sound weave in and out like wicker baskets floating along a pastel river. Each song is a facet of the complete mysterious setting – metallic pitter patter of sun showers on “Fine Rain,” flowing waterfalls on “Saunter,” animals playfully rustling in the forest bed on “Psychedelia.” With his technical skills developed through his work with film and television composition, Kafuka has masterfully crafted an album that strikes the worlds of both IDM and ambient downtempo.

Kafuka offered some words of explanation for Laws of Nature.

“To forget the pursuit of harmony. To recall the past to make a future. Forever seeing yourself reflected, feeding back in eternal repeating cycles. A dialog with oneself within the natural world. Choosing a final destination as the journey ceaselessly repeats. I hope to share what I’ve experienced in this big journey. I hope you will feel both a sense of nostalgia and a sense of newness. That makes our harmony.”

Give Laws of Nature and our premiere of “Psychedelia” a listen below.

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