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At just 21 years old, Florida-based, experimental electronic producer Kaelin Ellis is establishing himself as a pioneer for a new age of hip-hop. His latest project, an EP titled Veil,┬áis a bass-heavy, nine-track catalog that utilizes tangible, digital frequencies. While the first single of the EP is a glitch hop banger, its succeeding tracks are distinctly different. Each track on Veil is divergent, yet the project itself is unified by the dissimilarities: some round, some geometric; some soft, some saturated. Whatever the cadence, Kaelin’s transitions are seamless, and each section of the project has its own quintessential, intrinsic value.

Veil is defined by its noticeably electronic tones. Kaelin manipulates a metallic resonance that leaves space for lyrics or verses, showcasing his hold on the future of hip-hop and rap. Drawing influence from what sounds like J Dilla, Kaytranada, and Flying Lotus, Kaelin Ellis is solidifying himself as one of 2018’s most exciting producers to watch.

Charismatic and contemporary, Veil is ripe with inspiration. Listen below.

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