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If you’re looking for a twist on a traditionally nostalgic sound, Jungle’s the group for you. Formed in 2013 by Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson, the UK group has lived through an exciting evolution of old-school sounds. Once the pair decided to take their shows to the stage, the band’s lineup expanded to seven members for a comprehensive performance every time. Jungle has all the tools to craft a refined, versatile neo-disco sound — their new album, For Ever, utilizes those tools wisely.

Though Jungle’s self-titled 2014 debut album grabbed the attention of old souls and new dancefloor warriors alike, For Ever represents the band’s newfound appreciation for the Los Angeles lifestyle. They recorded the album in LA, which explains the almost glamorous, carefree vibes that run rampant throughout the 13-track effort. Take “Heavy, California,” for example: Jungle sets the sunny California scene through a surf-rock guitar sound paired with their signature ’70s disco vocal style. As a whole, this song is wrapped up with pop elements suitable for radio play on southern California’s most popular stations. Immediately following, “Beat 54 (All Good Now)” is led by group vocals, lively kicks and claps, and a hot bassline transporting us to a beachside paradise.

Switching gears, “Happy Man” brings out Jungle’s instrumental indie stylings as their trademark vocal style floats at the top of the recording, blending fine-tuned rock instrumentation with a little blast from the past. There’s a few more tunes on the album that come out of left field, like “Mama Oh No” and “Cosurmyne,” where the band steers away from their neo-disco roots by focusing on the live elements that come with an entire band. Then, if you dig their party-starting cuts, “Casio” and “Give Over” generate all the good vibes you need for your next gathering.

Detail-oriented and passionate, Jungle’s For Ever takes us to a place between completely uncharted territory and a long-lost memory. There’s beauty in nostalgia, but that beauty is amplified tenfold when an artist can sprinkle in some fresh, new ingredients into the mix. Listen to Jungle’s For Ever below.