This is our story...

Historically, we were never sure if releasing two projects from the same artist was something we’d ever do at NEST, but after hearing the art that Julien Mier had to offer, the decision was easy. The experimental, studio swiss-army knife producer delivered us a mischievous and whimsical EP that lives inside a thin, glass orbuculum. Peering through the glass window, a tiny world exists full of characters, oceans, and mythical creatures.

The A-side “Jasmine Oceans” is subtle, smart, and delicate, almost as if it could be broken by the slightest tap. It shifts tenderly between a multitude of keys, displaying Julien’s absolute mastery of music theory and creating the intensely colored universe that the EP lives in. The B-side “Stirring Child Spirits” is a guided tour through that universe, and Julien’s propensity for color, texture, and storytelling outlines each detail. The single is also backed by an equally clever animated video by Russian animator Sasha Martin. His sketchbook approach to animation and charmingly gloomy character design reflect 1-to-1 the textures and colors found in Julien’s music, and ground us in the same warm mischief of the EP.

Listen to “Stirring Child Spirits” and watch the full music video below!